Anemone Flower Wedding Cake

With the heat during the summer, it was a little surprising to see the number of buttercream wedding cakes. However, with air-conditioned environments, it effects the conditions of the buttercream very little. Such was the case for this wedding cake. The bride and groom wanted something very simple using just accents of light blue for their cake. We topped it off with a generous-sized white French Anemone. Each sugar bead was a different shade of pearly blue.

The couple wanted this cake to be mostly about the delicious cake flavors, so we kept the buttercream frosting it’s original color which was a bit on the ivory side. The cake actually consisted of two different frostings. One was an orange buttercream while the other was a caramel buttercream. This wedding cake was coupled with a surprise grooms cake (see Baseball Cap Groom Cake).

Stripped down to just the fondant ribbon and flower would have made a simple, elegant and very classic looking wedding cake.

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