Sculpted Dog Cake

This friendly little Shih-Tzu was created for a major dog lover, modeled after his favorite lap dog. This cake was created entirely from photos of the dog. Great care was taken to replicate features of the dog, including its coat and colorings, as well as facial features. We decided to keep the board and the message simple and let the cake speak for itself. Inside was a scrumptious and moist pumpkin cake. It was also an amazing surprise for the guest of honor to celebrate his 65th birthday.

Some of the other sculpted cakes we’ve made the in past have made a real splash with our clients like the Tomato Birthday Cake, the Diet Coke Cake, and more recently our Air Jordan Retro 5 Sneaker Cake.

Why not choose to surprise a loved on with a very special cake in the form of their favorite pet or character? Our Totoro Cake and Lion Cake  has also gotten a lot of attention.