Brown Berries Autumn Wedding Cake

Here, brown and white were chosen for a fall palette instead of the usual orange, red and gold. Leaves are often chosen for an autumn theme with wedding cakes, but here we chose a design of branches and berries/seeds, a more uncommon, but equally autumn-like imagery. As leaves begin to fall, we often see acorns and other tree “nuts” appearing and falling. Fall also marks the first buddings of winter berries. Why not use these common icons for your Fall wedding cakes. This design can also be adjusted to different color schemes as well as other iconic imagery. This wedding cake could also be used a for a very woodsy rustic-themed wedding, while lending a very modern touch with the stripes.

Pricing starts at $9/slice.

As shown this cake serves 100.

Add additional tier(s) to serve from 150-200.

Choose autumn-themed flavors from our flavor page.

Check out our other autumn-themed cake. Our Golden Flower Cake could also be adjusted to fit a fall theme as the spider chrysanthemum gilded onto the cake are a typically fall flower. Just tweak colors to a more autumn palette. For more fall ideas read our article on fall colors for this year.

Looking for matching favors? We can provide you with French macarons or cupcakes that follow the same design and flavor theme.