Louboutin Stiletto and Shoe box cake

This sugar stiletto and cake was designed and made for a very special birthday celebration. The stiletto pump was recreated after pink suede Louboutins that the birthday girl would be donning. The edible sugar pearl jewelry (each pearl was made by hand) give this ensemble an extra touch of luxury. ┬áThe plain box was scrapped for this funky zebra design. Special attention was paid to replicate even Louboutin’s gold logo and the original shoe’s suede texture.

This ensemble is also perfect for a bridal shower or any special occasion for that diva or fashionista. We can also recreate any other stiletto you have in mind. You can opt for a strappy stiletto or a pump-style as pictured here. Add edible sequins or glitter for an extra touch of bling!

If you require more servings, we can stack shoe box cakes or you can also choose traditional cake tiers. Different shaped boxes can give your ensemble a fun look.

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