Modern Flowers Monogram Wedding Cake

While fondant is definitely here to stay, for its versatility and look, we have recently noticed a re-emerging of the popularity of buttercream frosted wedding cakes. Firstly, it is a more economical choice and is easier on the wallet. However, it also does have the advantage of appealing to nostalgia for cakes we remember as children, not to mention that they just look scrumptious (as opposed to fondant covered cakes that do not appeal to taste sensory).

We wanted to post this cake up because it has a modern twist on buttercream cakes. A smoothed surface allowed us to place layers of translucent paper-thin “petals” (edible) to resemble the bride and grooms invitations. The goal was to make them look almost as if they had been painted on; a modern monogram was used as a focal point for the cake. This buttercream is completely devoid of any homestyle texturing but also lacks the traditional bakery piping, or any 3-dimensional flower whether buttercream or gumpaste. The cake is very simple and yet also proves to be very beautiful and stands out a truly unique wedding cake.

Another buttercream that might interest you is our Blue Flower Cake. Our Winter Birds wedding cake is another very modern wedding cake that could work well with buttercream.