Pink Calla Lilies Wedding Cake

A simple classic wedding cake with fondant, some ribbon and beautiful lifelike gumpaste flowers can make a stunning display.  We make each flower by hand and by making each one unique, we create the impression of realism. Brooklyn Cake can vary in style considerably, whether you want completely realistic flowers or fictional or stylized ones. To view another perspective on these pink calla lilies, visit our FAQ page.

This cake as is, serves approximately 60 and goes for $7/slice, plus the cost of any decoration or gumpaste flowers. Additional tiers can be added for more servings.

Using the combination of clean unadorned fondant, some ribbon and beautiful gumpaste flowers, you can create virtually countless looks and design. It really all depends on the arrangement.  The pictured wedding cake takes on a more classic arrangement, but you add more flowers or use less. Other popular arrangements are cascading flowers or having one large bouquet on top. A more modern striking approach would be to include the stems of the calla lilies, and bind the flowers together in a ribbon as in a bridal bouquet and either lay it right on top  or have it leaning diagonally across the front of the wedding cake.

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