Kids Pink Mod Monkey Birthday Cake II

The mod monkey party supply line being ever so popular, we get asked frequently about cakes based on the line. The client wanted to add light pink to the color scheme while, keeping the brown limited.
As requested, we created a little sculpted chocolate monkey holding the number “1” for baby’s first. The circles were not alternating between while and light pink on a vivid hot pink background for the top tier and a pale pink background with neon green stripes for the bottom tier. The flowers were also more of a design element with this cake. The cake base is covered with pink and green flowers and hot pink flowers were placed near the base.

We wanted to include this cake in our gallery as a sample of a different design from the original mod monkey cake. We can create a unique and original design for any theme. If monkeys are what you want, check out our Blue Monkey Cake, the Sock Monkey Cake, and the other Pink Mod Monkey Cake. (also explore two different renditions in the Pink Mod Monkey Cake 3 and Sophia’s cake).

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