Romantic Pink Wedding Cake

This feminine wedding cake is inspired by romance. It’s a little whimsical, a little nostalgic and a little modern. This cake takes classic designs like draped swags and cameos and lends a modern touch with clean simplicity. The fondant was unadorned to give this cake a sleek and modern look. This design could play with any flowers or candies even. Red berries could be used instead of rosettes. The possibilities are endless. Graphic 2D style flowers would also go well with this cake.

This cake as shown serves about 100

and starts at $8/slice.

Make this cake your own by using your own theme or design elements. Change the color scheme or add a luster shine to it.  Add stripes or use simple heart cutouts instead of our rosette hearts for a different look.

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romantic pink wedding cake closeup Romantic Pink Wedding Cake