Spa Diva Leopard Print Cake

The Spa Diva Leopard Print cake has everything a pampered diva would need. The construction of the completely edible diva and sofa, shows the fine level of our sugar craftsmanship. Our diva is sprawled on an original-designed chaise longue  sofa with a matching leopard print cushion. The bathrobe clad lady is lounging with towel wrapped hair and a green beauty masque to boot. We even gave her pink nail polish on her fingers and toes. The sofa itself is lined with edible pearls and stands raised on its own legs from the top tier. Our leopard print was inspired by the actual pattern of leopards, with the pattern diminishing towards the bottom. Our beautiful pink bow was also dusted with edible glitter dust.

This design or a variation is perfect for a diva’s birthday or as a bridal shower cake. It would be also be a complement for any spa-type party.  This is also a great spinoff for any kind of diva cake. It doesn’t just have to be handbags, jewelry or shoes!

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