Tomato Birthday Cake

This plump tomato birthday cake was made for someone with a green thumb and a love for heirloom tomatoes. Everything from the wooden sign to the dirt is edible.  Oftentimes the best birthday cake ideas stem from personal interests and hobbies. Inside jokes can even inspire the best cakes and ensure a warm-hearted reaction from the receiver. Sculpted cakes are always sure to make a real impact on guests and onlookers. Cakes can be shaped into virtually anything. This tomato birthday cake is more out of the norm and should impress even the most jaded guest. A sculpted cake may also be a great idea for an anniversary or an landmark birthday like a 60th birthday, where you might splurge a little bit more to make your event truly memorable.

Seasonal items and foods can also be a great inspiration for sculpted cakes. For example, pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are a great idea for birthdays based in October and November.

Our Diet Coke cake was made especially for a diet coke fanatic and the Totoro cake was made for a huge fan of the animated movie.

Gift box cakes also make a great impression without getting too specific.

If you are wondering about price, 3D or sculpted cakes are individually priced and dependent on the project/design. They start at $300. The tomato birthday cake, as pictured, serves about 30 is goes for $400.