Winter Birds Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was inspired by designer holiday wrapping paper. The red fondant birds were dusted with red edible glitter to mimic the shiny decorations of the season and are reminiscent of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. As is, this cake makes a festive winter display for a colorful winter wedding. Winter festivities don’t have to be all white or silver, or just red and green anymore. This cake takes the look beyond snowflakes. Make a bold statement at your wedding with a modern look.

Prices start at $8/slice.
This cake as shown serves approximately 60.
You can add extra tier(s) to serve from 100-165.

All colors and styles are customizable. Change the aqua blue to a white, with brown branches. Make the birds blue or a variety of colors for a spring look.
If you are looking for winter cakes, don’t forget to check out our Sparkling Winter wedding Cake.

For additional winter inspirations, look through different gift wrap, holiday cards and different decorations such as wreaths and arrangements. Other great cost effective ideas would be decorate a white wedding cake with Christmas tree ornaments instead of flowers, or using holiday themes like gingerbread men and “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

For more information or if you would like to order winter wedding cake please visit our contact page.

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