40th Birthday Cake

This project was an interesting exercise on design. The client approached me for a birthday cake for a 40th birthday, but wanted to include their fiance’s background in cake. No, it was not Chanel bags, sports items or kittens. The birthday lady had moved from S. Korea to Minnesota and finally to NYC and the client wanted to tie that all together. We were faced with the challenge of addressing this design idea. I wanted the design to incorporate a clean but visually sharp graphic style, but not to appear too cluttered. I was able to do this by repeating the airplane, cloud and arrow motif with a limited color scheme. While not completely depicted from this picture, we started with a “start” sign and the South Korean flag and the shape of the peninsula, and then an airplane “flying” to the US. The U.S. was represented by the flag as well as the shape of Minnesota. And the finally a plan to “I Love NY” and the silhouette of NYC. We completed the look with a “40” topper and some cloud cutouts.

Some other highly personalized cakes are the Fashion Design Cake, the Mailbox cake and the Betty Draper Cake, whose hat box cake was modeled after a Betty Draper dress worn on the show.